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Education Trip & Activity

We can bring Teen, young and adult travelers  to experience the UK and Europe.
The countries, regions and states that make up the continent of Europe comprise lots of groups of people who over the years have struggled to get along with each other. But these days we are lucky in that we can travel freely, and learn about the languages and cultures of our European neighbors. For an overseas school trip, Europe is easy to get to and has myriad subject study options and potential destinations, and each location is perfectly suited to catering for more than one subject.

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Head office:
Durning Hall Community Centre,
Earlham Grove, London .E7 9AB
Upcoming Event:
September/October 2020:

UK universities are currently processing international applications as normal and the intended autumn intake will be running as planned.

Corona virus (Covid19) Latest Updates:

We completely understand the uncertainty and concern that coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing and we are doing everything we can to help any of you that may be affected during these unprecedented times.

2021 International STEM youth innovation competition

2021 International STEM youth innovation competition-Theme will be announce soon

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